Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prayer Request

If you could take a moment out of your day to say a prayer for the two below matters:

My Uncle had a heart attack the night before last and he's finishing up today the first 48 hours after he had a stint placed in the front of his heart. The first 48 hours being the most crucial after a surgery like the one above- so he has been in ICU for the last 24 hours and prognosis of going home is yet to be determined.

I also ask for prayer due to the fact that I have been getting sick. I have had more problems with my lungs and difficulty breathing which is not good considering the walk is this weekend! So hopefully I will gain some strength by this weekend and won't be as tired and weak by the upcoming events this week.


My Aunt Mary- for she has been another strong and willing person to work with our family during the days ahead and the past times while I was sick. Yesterday she took me to the hospital to get my chest x-ray and she has went with us hours away to doctors appointments and stayed with my family while I was in the hospital miles away. From dog sitting for us to traveling and helping us with getting prescriptions filled or taking me to get blood work done. My Aunt Mary has been a saint for us and continues to help my family and I as we go through this difficult road. She is one who does everything asking for little to no credit and continues to work at everything with a heartless attitude.

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Anonymous said...

I just prayed for you and your uncle....and always know that if you need someone to pray with I am here for you missy! Just a call away!
Please keep me updated on you and your uncle.
later gaiter, Makayla