Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good Morning!

Off to a busy day at school but stopping by to leave my mark first. I just wanted to say I am forever thankful for those who have stopped by to give me love and encouragement. In the days that have past and the days that are soon to come your encouragement means the world to me. I am so happy that I am part of the blogosphere- something big and to find so many nice families and people out there. When I ask for help I have received it in tenfold. I have been very interested in opinions and actions of all sorts.

Today I ask a personal opinion. An experience or a thought. I am doing a photography project and I am doing it on the social- cultural issues abortion. I am pro-life and believe that all babies should be given an opportunity at life. So I ask you what comes to mind when you think of pro-life I am trying to get opinions and views of every aspect. One thing that has stuck out in my mind is the thought- One dead, One wounded. If you think about it, it is just that the mother will never be the same after aborting her baby. She is wounded, even if she ignores those feelings for awhile they can come back. She is wounded. This is such a tough society to live in when it comes to these standards. I don't think they have ever really lightened up but now the news is filled with these things and it seems people so young are making life changing decisions. Another that I came up with is The decision my parents made for me, has left me feeling incomplete. All I can think is of the aching girls who yes, made a wrong decision. They have screwed up- but I have screwed up before too and their parents forced them to have an abortion because it was too much to handle. If you don't think it's possible- start reading abortion stories. I have read a lot of them and started doing research and it has been intense, heartbreaking, and moving to read the stories of faces behind this issue.

So I ask, do you have an opinion on pro-life? Do you have a short one sentence profound statement? And do I have permission to use it on my project if I choose to?

Thanks, and remember 1 in 10 couples are infertile- chances are someone you know or love is infertile and would make a great parent.

Today I am thankful for my chance at life and my chance to screw up and make mistakes and learn.

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Kelsey said...

I am very pro-life. I believe that life starts at conception, when that heart starts beating. Once there is a heart beat there is life and that life has the potential to turn into something beautiful.

When I think pro life I see adoption. I see a teen mother who loves her baby so much that she lets the baby go to parents who can take better care of that baby right now. If I was pregnant now as hard as it would be I would want my child to have the best possible life, so I would research every possible place until I found the perfect parents for my baby. I would be giving someone a gift that isn't replaceable and is the best gift someone can receive.