Wednesday, December 31, 2008

If you could change someone's life... Would you do it?

I have a question today that weighs greatly on my heart... If you could change someones life would you do it? If it meant giving everything you had up to help someone would you? I wonder sometimes what testing faith is all about. It's easy for me to persevere when I see things actively happening all around me. But it's not so easy when I don't see things moving or changing in any fashion. Today, I am thinking and with that I realized my faith is so very small. It's almost nothing but the Lord uses even faith as small as a mustard seed. To me, that sounds so huge and now I ask.

If you could change someones life... Would you?

I got thinking about it and you know a month ago I wasn't able to walk and in our school, little things I didn't notice were harder than ever. Like the fact it's up hill to go through part of our school and it's up hill to go back through. There are these little ramp things in our "link" that you have to go up in order to get to the other end of the school. Well, one day a guy pushed me up those two ramps while I was trying to push myself with my hands. It was really hard and it got to be tiring but that one act of kindness meant the world to me. He was kind enough to push me and get me over that hill.

Sometimes hills are physical hills but mental or spiritual ones and I have suffered from those as well but- I wonder sometimes, when I am walking, am I so caught up in my new found health and the busy world that I can't stop to help someone who is in the shoes I am in... It makes me think and wonder how many people I have cheapened or given short amounts of time because I thought I had something more important to do- but really, I believe it's about the relationships, the people, not the things we find important but the things we should be doing. I am a very broken person but I believe there is time to improve who I am.


Anonymous said...

hey victoriaaaa!
i'm so glad you wrote about this; this subject is one that's been big on my heart the last couple of months. the smallest things we do, things we may not even remember the next week or even the next day, can totally influence a person. i've had people do things for me before, "push me up hills" as you might say, and they probably haven't even realized it.

it makes me think-- maybe we should be aware of our everyday actions just a little bit more. if we have the power to influence people, then shouldn't we be making sure that every instant, we are living for Christ? the more selfless we become, the more we'll be able to impact people for Christ.
it's just amazing how much God can use us... and its sad how often we don't give in and let Him!

i love you girlie; happy 2009 :)

Much Love In Christ,

Matthew 25:34-40

Littlelymie19 said...

You never cease to make me think!

Even though we only got to chat for a few minutes last night (sorry for not coming back online, I actually went to bed!), I really appreciated our chat. Illness has a way of taking reality and slapping you in the face with it, and I think that it's made you wise beyond your years. Thanks for sharing some of your wisdom with me.