Friday, December 5, 2008

I have complete faith this holiday season.

As I was reading Kelsey's blog or K's blog I realized I am putting my 100% faith in God this holiday season and as I apply to college this year. If I don't get into my colleges I plan on getting into then that's not what I am meant to do. Not yet. My calling is here close to home with the support of friends and family and I will be going to CCC with some other kids from school. I was watching this movie and listening to the lyrics it really hit me. The song is "Rescued Nation" by Holyfire.

I would like to spot-light a very special person close to my heart today.

Lucy, She is a fellow "Lymie" and I have really loved our friendship. I am amazed by her strength and courage. Even though we go through rough patches I know she will continue to be herself. She is true she isn't afraid of showing her reality and her soul. I am so amazed by her and there is just something about her spirit that amazes me. I haven't talked to her as much lately but my amazement and prayers have not changed. She is such an awesome young lady. I am so thankful that I have people like her in my life to say hey, it's not so bad or keep on fighting you dork you're not going to get better by complaining! She isn't that harsh promise. But she is always encouraging me to go against the grain and try new things or say enough is enough. She is bold and beautiful. She shares a passion of painting with me and I am lucky to own one of her originals. She is an awesome girl and has an amazing spirit. Thank you for being my friend Lucy. You absolutely rock.

P.S. I am trying something new out today- I scheduled this blog to post tomorrow! :) How cool.

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Kimber said...

Good luck with your college apps. I'm sure you won't go wrong letting Him lead your way.