Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am a teen first.

I am a teen first that is what I am.
I am sick second.
My giggles and fits of laughter, my immaturity and my love for free time and hanging out with friends is part of who I am because I am a teenager first.
I am sick second.
My longing to stay out late and run through the snow is what I really would rather be doing.
I am sick second.
Yes I do just want to chat on the phone and listen to music and not talk about another doctors appointment because I am a teenager first.
Sick Second.

Now sometimes my second comes first like when a test is mentioned I don't think of a test on paper but a test of blood.

Sometimes I sleep for a long time because well, that is my second coming first and my first becoming second. But most of all I wish that everyone else saw my teenager me first and my disease second.

Cause after all I was a human and a child before I was sick. I am just that. A teen.

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Anonymous said...

I really love the way you write. As you say that you are a "teen first" and "sick second"... that's such a good way to keep our lives in perspective for a Lyme patient.

I hope that you are having some good days along this healing journey. It's tough!