Sunday, May 25, 2008

Because he deserves it.

So this will either really embarrass Jake, probably make him smile, and I don't really know what he will have to say.

If you haven't figured it out by now- I have a boyfriend and his name is Jake.

He has really been able to show his true colors to me over the past few months and has given me a new kind of hope and inspiration. He has shown me a lot and continues to show his kindness and compassion towards me through small acts of kindness that encourage me beyond belief. I cannot explain how much courage he gives me just by the little things he does. I am very blessed that he can see beyond the physical aspects that this disease has left me and see my heart inside. He has shown me anything is possible if you believe. For I saw him as a bus buddy and he has yet to tell me how long he has liked me but I know long enough... He waited patiently for the right time and I am so glad he did. Although through that waiting process he really did see me at one of my worst states seizing on a stretcher getting whisked out of the school. What a scary thing to see for any one especially if you know the person. So with the fact that he already had that in his mind and to know he could set that aside makes me think he's truly special. There is a site about random acts of kindness and how to start them in your daily life and at first I didn't believe little random acts of kindness could do much of anything at all but-

Through my friends and people like Jake who do little things that encourage me a great amount... I am honored to have a support group the way I do and know that there is love and compassion behind each one of their hearts. I cannot even begin to list or explain all of their little almost effortless things they have done for me that have really touched me great amounts from opening the door for me when I couldn't because I was in a wheelchair to giving me a hug- they all show that loving smile that makes everything worthwhile.

I encourage you to take Jake's lead and do a random little act of kindness for someone you love this week.

Do it because there is no promise for tomorrow and each day is a gift to us and please don't forget to honor our current soldiers as well as our veterans. What a great honor it is to be in a country of freedom and a country where we're allowed to do whatever we want spiritually, physically, and educationally and so many other things. It is a great honor to live in this country. Don't take what we have for granted for as soon as you lose the sight of something great it can truly disappear.

Be on the look out for an update post this week for any new visitors who have come to my site- please visit back I am going to take the time this week to write out my story to date to bring every one up to speed!

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