Monday, May 5, 2008

My Skin

There is a story beneath me my skin begins to cry out!
Don't give me a glare or glance at me with ignorance...
For you have not been here or have not seen
What life has been for the past 3 years so do not disregard the scars-
Do not look away from the things that cause your eyes pain.

I hold inside me organs and nerves I hold emotion and cells of all sorts.
My job is to protect what need to be protected and be a shield of germs that may be harmful for my insides.
Please listen to the story that I have been punctured inside-

I am not in need of attention nor of sympathetic glances.
I care for those of which have cared for me-

Scar tissue fills my hands and arms
veins over used and tired of being prodded
Scars across my stomach and one in my chest
Fill an array of stories each untold.

Lack of attention to one IV leaves me with an infection-
of which should have been infection free.

Take a moment to listen to the stories beneath for each person lives nothing more than a story from within.


debbie said...

Hi Tori,
Keep writing, you have a distinctive way with words. Do not give up, tomorrow is always a new day!! I enjoyed our time together on Sunday, although you looked really tired. I think sometimes because you don't always look sick people forget how really sick you are and that you can only give just so much of yourself.
God has a plan and it is unfolding, you touch people in the heart and leave them to be never the same.
Love, Aunt Debbie

everybodysaysdont said...

Thank you so much for your very kind words on my blog.

I wish you all the very VERY best, Sending you a big hug x

You write beautifully, your blog is very inspiring. I wish you didn't have to go though so much.

Lots of Love x

(My brother had cerebral palsy and my Mum had breast cancer and leukemia so I know a little of what you and your family go though)