Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wake me up please!

When is this winding road of twists and turns going to become a straight and narrow path?
I think to myself-

Must be nice to go to school, see your friends day after day, understand your text the first read through and be able to walk without pain.
I see life through a different scene not of one of pain and agony but one of which is seen as those who try to understand and those who wish they didn't have to see it at all...
I can only do so much as a human being so much as the person I am-
But I can assure you I will always do as much as I can do.
I don't know how each day will pass and I am thankful for those who understand that tomorrows plans may get tossed to the side the day of due to things out of my control.

Although for each life no matter what there will always be the people who look with an up turned nose ignorant to the situations that surround them.
For they are those of which we can only hope will some day understand it will not take a life changing experience for just that to happen.

Waking up each morning thinking things will be okay going to bed some nights wondering if I will be okay.... Life is obscure with it's twists and turns and who knows perhaps this will all be as clear as crystal some day but today it's as clear as a very poorly cleaned window.

Spot- Light

There is a man who has gone above and beyond his duties with his job. He is my guidance counselor who has been there for every step of the way- encouraging me to do my best being in direct contact with my teachers and completely understanding when something goes down the wrong avenue. He has worked hard with my case and taken so much into consideration sitting down with me to schedule a schedule that may have to be hand written since there are so many requests and so much that has been left up in the air. For there is nothing more I can say than he has gone above and beyond any expectations one may have set for him and he has helped my ride as a student be especially smoother because he has done a lot of the communication work for me. Although I continue to put my best foot forward he inspires me through his wit and humor as I continue to struggle to understand how every little detail will work out by graduation day.

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