Friday, May 23, 2008


I watched Uptown Girls the other day and it seems as though I am like Rae more than I could imagine. In my isolated space using hand sanitize like soon it will be ripped from my hands. Okay well maybe I'm not that bad but prom sure did bring lots of unexpected germs to the table leaving me with a horrible sinus infection and yeast infection in my mouth!

What a week it has been getting these things taken care of but both are feeling much better now and I am glad to say I might finally be getting over them! Although one can never be so sure with me. :)

It has been one long week barely stopping for the weekend. I am going to babysit for my family I used to babysit weekly for tomorrow for the first time in months. I am excited to see the little boy Declan. Although he can be quite a handful I think I can take him on. The weekend also will be topped with some quality time with Jake and his family for his cousin's birthday. I am helping him make another ice cream cake! I think I might never get away from the ice cream maker title.

I have started school work again and it's good to be doing it again. I am finding how much I love Biology and how dorky I am but it always helps when you have a good Biology tutor as well! I am excited to finally get the work done.

Just wanted to stop in and say hello for the weekend. Take this weekend enjoy the freedom we have and the people you love and don't forget the men across the seas dying for us in another country as this weekend we are celebrating Memorial day. Let this not be a lost holiday in your family!



Spot-light person:
The guidance office secretaries
These ladies go above and beyond their line of duty each and every day putting a smile on their face and assisting each student with whatever their trouble might be. Helping a lost new student on to their next class or supporting the walk by asking to buy Lyme disease awareness bracelets. (0f which we have many of and if you would like one please e-mail us at we will probably get you yours after the walk is over but if you would like to place an order please let us know!) These ladies have continued to support me and so many other students each and every day expecting nothing in return except maybe a little respect and a smile in return. They have shown that it doesn't matter the walls that surround you but the spirit you have while you're in the walls that do surround you.

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