Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I have a complex mind but lead a simple life.

After a conversation with a friend I realized how complex my mind works but how simple I am.

Take a look at this photo- A good look at the photo. Now think about it-

These are my thoughts on this photo.

In this leaf there isn't much inside it... Really there is nothing to the leaf at all.
there is barely any substance left-
The beauty doesn't come from the leaf itself but the colors that make the photo in the background. The leaf merely creates contrast to make the photo work.
Through this the colors are seen through it's tattered form and it's decaying shell and despite the fact the leaf is weathering down it holds on to it's stem. Through it's stem it holds on to a branch of which holds on to a stronger branch that reaches a tree trunk. Through that tree trunk the tree reaches down to roots and stability. Through those roots they are able to stretch outward through the ground and down deep into the soil.

So in our minds we find disarray we find confusion or loss of words.
Or in some cases we find too many words filling our heads-
We could be totally out of "funk"
but our minds are attached to a branch which is attached to our trunk and gets to our roots. Our roots can be anything from a kind friend or a loving neighbor. But they are the workers who continue to feed our plant to make us grow strong and tall in what we are.

Everything can be tied together by your trunk- if you believe in yourself.

A dust storm can happen in moments a once calm scene can quickly be taken over by particles being swept away by the air. One particle grabs on to another particle and soon a small wind is a greater wind and the air can be filled with an almost opaque scene of grey dust.

The only thing about these dust storms is although they are quick to arise they can be just as quick to disappear and they can be brought under control over time because the dust will settle and the wind will calm and peace will be brought.

For even after the flood with Noah God sent a dove and all was well after the many days of rain.

There is Hope.

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