Friday, May 16, 2008

First's and a thought on tomorrow-

So today I met some lovely people and we'll start with my first first of the day!

I went to the nail salon to get my nails done with my grandma! What a wonderful and unique way to spend the afternoon with my grandmother. I was pleasantly impressed with my nails and thought it was interesting getting a pedicure. It was my first time getting this done so of course I was very intrigued by everything they did!

While there I was asked do you like to pamper yourself? I thought it was funny and responded with a no this is quite a treat to even be able to be here! It really was I thought to think that I laid so many nights in hospital beds thinking of how my prom days would lay out what would happen and how it would happen. Hoping more than anything I would get to go. Planning littlest details just to keep time passing and have something to do with the silent moments in my room. What my date would like what I would do if I didn't have a date what every what if situation covered. I hoped I would make it for at least one mile marking teen event this year.

My second first was going out for a lovely birthday dinner at Moretti's a local Italian restaurant that Jake's family picked for his birthday. So although it wasn't the Thai restaurant Jake had originally hoped for it lead up for a fun filled and nice evening.

Now as the day before prom activities come one other thing came into mind just as a passing thought to check the weather. I checked the weather and sure enough thunder storms. But I am not letting this rain on my parade. I remembered someone who's life will not ever be forgotten for as long as I live. As I have mile-marking moments in my life no matter when they are I always remember one person and that's my grandma Wilcox. She passed away the summer before 5th grade. What a hard rocky summer that was for me. I felt I had completely lost control and I miss her greatly. Although I always remember she would want me to have fun I think that tomorrow is a symbolic meaning of the fact there are tears pouring down from heaven that her as my grandma Jacobus put it- "her little baby is growing up". I just wanted to take the time to remember my grandma tonight and remind her I will always be the baby in the family by numbers even if I do grow up. Even though it hurts me that she can't be by my side to see me all dressed up I know she will be there by spirit. And that means the world to me.

Over-all today and this evening was a wonderful evening and I can't wait for prom tomorrow! With everything planned out and ready to go we can only pray for good health and strength for the evening ahead. And I ask each faithful reader out there or those just coming to my blog- to say a pray for me with the day ahead that it will be fulfilling and a wonderful night of just being an ordinary teen.

- Victoria


Anonymous said...

Hey Victoria,
This blog is so sweet, and I know your grandma will be so happy tomorrow! As always I will pray for you, but tonight I wil pray specificly for you to feel amazing tomorrow and have a fabulous, rememberable night.
Later missy, Makayla

Anonymous said...

You're probably at the prom now, and hopfully having an incredibleamazingfantastic time!!
Your grandma is probably there with you right now, making sure everything is going smoothly. Even so, I will pray specially for you tonight. :)
Can't wait to hear all about it the prom!!! :D