Sunday, May 18, 2008

Splendid Saturday- Posted on a Sunday!

two teens, a yellow dress, a parade of carpenter ants, a case of uncomfortable shoes, 92 bobby pins, and loads of fun. Resulting in a night in the tropics!

Can I just say- Oh what a lucky girl I am! :)

Yesterday was filled with everything that could make me completely and absolutely exhausted but I loved every moment of it. It was everything I could have planned in a hospital bed and even more! For in my hospital bed I never dreamt I would have a date and even more than that a date that was so kind and compassionate like Jake was to me! It was such a lovely evening.

We started out at my house with pictures with the parents... It was really nice and not too stressful! We got lots and lots of pictures though I think Jake and I were almost always looking at opposite cameras there were so many camera's to look at! This day really felt like a mile marker for me. In my health and in my life in general it just made me really realize how far I have come from being on the verge of always being in the hospital to actually being able to visit the hospital without the bells and whistles of an ambulance and an oxygen mask!

Although I have to say there is one thing that will never be the same and it's the time you lose when you're not in school. It's the thing no one can replace nor can they take care of- I felt like a stranger with the kids I've went to school with for at least 3 years... Just maybe not physically and been in the district for 12 years. It was the weirdest feeling I've ever had. Weirder than getting a picc line pulled!

There were sooo many people who made this day possible I couldn't possibly begin to name names... For if it weren't for the EMT's who responded promptly to each call that I was on the end of, or the nurses who jumped into action while I was seizing, or the doctors who knew just what medication to order. This day would most definitely not be possible.

There are some other people that really made the day extra special and they are the people I call family. I was able to say my aunt did my hair. Not some stranger at a beauty shop but my own aunt. I was able to say my professional photos were not those done with artistic creations of a professional that I paid $50 for but the photos were the creations of Jake's father and my family. Making them a little more personal. I was so blessed by having my father and my mother and my sister all together for me. And having my grandparents come over was a nice treat as well!

After we had our photo's taken at home we went to dinner at The Hill Top Inn. Which was a complete and absolute surprise to me! I had no idea where we were going and we went to a gas station before we went to dinner and we joked we were having Pizza Hut express or Subway! :)

Afterwards we went to the hospital to visit the nurses and then visit my two favorite 4D patients the two Roses! :)

Then we got to the prom and although by the time I got there I was quite beat we made it almost to the end. I was very tired by the time I got home but still filled with lots of nervous energy. It was a wonderful evening and even though I wish I could have danced a little more or been a little more comfortable with the people around me I was very happy to have gone and know this can only be the beginning of gathering a control over my Lyme! :)

Thank you so much for all the prayers and continued prayer. I promise you it's working.

Today I give a spot-light to one of the most influential people that have been in my life thus far-
My grandma Wilcox. Her name was Laura Wilcox and she lived her life for others. Today as we thought in church about what filled our box in life- I would have to say her box was filled with love, a little pinch of big eyes and a large amount of prayer. She was always baking or knitting and knitting Christmas stockings is what she loved to do... I will never forget her large collection of aprons and the unique toys that harbored at her home. She was such a wonderful woman inside and out I find a tear on my cheek as I write about her. My grandpa today- my mother's father was looking at the photos and when her name came up he said oh how she would've loved to see this day! And it brought back so many memories of cooking bread together cutting cookies and learning how to peel potatoes. I am so thankful that I got to have her in my life and I'm thankful for the fact that I know I have her looking down on me and all I can say is- Grandma- you won't be disappointed.

More Photos Below! Enjoy!

And for my grandpa- Where is this Arbor located? I just can't think where it would be!


debbie said...

so that's how many bobby pins there were! My goodness I would not have guessed that many. You have to do what it takes to be successful and that hair-do did not move! You looked gorgeous and definately were the disney princess in every way!! Hope I get to do it again next year for your senior ball. I love you Tori! Keep pushing ahead and don't give up. Aunt Debbie

Anonymous said...

Awwww, I can't wait to hear more miss Victoria!!!!! I love the pictures!! And your hair is awesome and you looked AMAZING!!!!!! Well we need to talk soon missy!

Brenda said...

Hi Victoria, thanks for the comment over at my place. I love your dress! It is very classy and you can look back 20 years from now and still think you look great in it! I enjoy CF husband too. I don't know them, just found them through another blog. BTW, where is the arbor in your post? It's beautiful. I will go back and read thru your blog when I have a bit more time. the kids call:)