Friday, May 2, 2008

Looking out the window today

As I look out my window today things seem new to me-
Vibrant colors filling the air with rich green grass and a blooming yellow bush.
With almost completely new eyes you pick up a new respect for others a new love for the colors around you.
Nothing in life seems the same each color has it's own brilliance.

Each bird that passes by twittering and singing it's song amazes you with it's grace and beauty.
Almost as a blind man being healed of his affliction-

I am healed of my ignorance of the colors and world around me.

Taking grasp upon the life I once lived to realize I didn't notice how wonderful it is to reside in a bed of my own in the silence of my own home- with the pitter patter of puppy feet and the click, click, click of my key board.

Noelle- Today I spot-light my Lyme pen-pal there is nothing that makes me more excited than receiving a hand written note from someone. It's something about the personal writing of the note that makes everything seem okay. It's just something that makes life seem just that much more exciting than it was before receiving that letter. Well- my friend Makayla knows that feeling of receiving mail and she decided to start a pen pal group with those afflicted with Lyme to support one another. I have a total of 4 pen pals although only Noelle has written back. It's good to have her and I always look forward to her letters because it's something I can rely on and it's always interesting to hear her world for a moment. What it's like to be her- through a letter.

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Anonymous said...

aww...I love your Blog! And you mentioned the penpal program =)
We need to talk missy!
Makayla (sorry I am anonymous, I couldn't sign into my account)