Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doctors, Doctors, Doctors, MRI?

Today was another day filled with extreme amounts of on the road travel thank goodness for my ipod and the little sleep I got while we were out.

I had a chiropractor appointment in the morning and then my mom surprised me with a little trip which surprised me even more upon getting out of the car-

As we were walking a slight incline I noticed the great difficulty I was having walking and all of a sudden found myself yelling to my mom and reaching for her arm. I couldn't walk my feet were dragging underneath me and I was not sure what was happening. It scared both of us and I found that I will definitely have something to talk to my Physical Therapist tomorrow upon my appointment.

Then later tonight I had not one, not two, but three MRI's!

We are doing more extensive testing down my back and everything else to see if anything else can be caught. It was quite a lengthy process and my hand fell asleep while sitting in the machine for so long but I am glad it's over and done with.

I continue to be amazed by the people brought into my life and do not believe in accidental meetings. I am filled with support by others and the generosity of complete strangers. I am so thankful for this because it seems as though when all is falling through a little light is shown. My memory is slowly getting worse which I don't understand but I am starting to forget things a lot quicker now than ever before. I hope this comes back with time and I continue to stay strong.

I thank the kindness of the people who have been brought into my path and continue to stumble upon my story. Let it be a reminder to you as the summer arrives to do a tick check and have a wonderful summer enjoying what you love most!

- Victoria

My spot-light person today is-
My Chiropractor, My Chiropractor has gone above and beyond what many doctors wish to with just taking me on as a patient he also seeks answers for questions we ask and continues to amaze me with his kindness and generosity. He is a great man with a good sense of humor and has helped me a great deal with the pain that I face. I am so thankful that we have found him as a chiropractor and I am so glad he's so willing to help me and now my mother is going there as well! So here's to a great Chiropractor!

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