Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's all about Mom.

Today is a day we take a moment out of our busy lives to say thank you to our mothers.

The women in our lives of which we cherish and those who go above and beyond any others duties.

As the dictionary calls it-

Moth·er's Day (mŭth'ərz) n. The second Sunday in May, observed in the United States as a day honoring mothers.

Today is not about-
How much money you have
How many times you thew daggers at each other
The disagreements that arose
The stress that has been placed in your life.

Today is about-
All the poopy diapers you changed at 4 in the morning
The scrapped knee's you kissed
The beautiful birthday cakes you made
The food you always made sure was on the table
The hugs you gave
The bed time stories read
and so many other little things you added to my life- and others to make life easier.

I can't say enough good about my mom- but she is my constant support system and as worded today through one note of what I like about mom- the closest I'll ever get to heaven here on earth!

Thanks for being you. Here's to all of the mother's out there and if you're a mother pat yourself on the back for your filling shoes no one else could ever fill!

Happy Mother's day to all the Mother's out there!


And here's a video of all of the things that a mother says in 24 hours! It's quite the song a lady sang it in church today what an awesome song!

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BJK said...

Very nice Victoria...

God Bless