Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Supporting one is supporting the future.

The support you reach out to give to another person either through a helping hand or through insight you have within. You support that person to support others. You give the glimpse of hope to them and give them an intangible gift- A gift of hope a gift of future beyond that night. Beyond the hour or the minute you have but giving to another. It's something that some may feel to busy for it's something others do as a daily thing.

But tonight more than ever I realized if my personal life is so busy that I can't stop to smell the flowers and take a deep breath then it's time to lighten the load. For if you cannot give to another person you cannot give to the future. For giving is not much but what they take away could be an eternity.

I cannot explain exactly why this is being said tonight for there are many feelings that were stirred throughout the day. But next time your day seems too busy look at the grass and know that it too grows just to get cut away. But continues growing for it wants to reach forward to the sun and reach out- Take it from the grass an ordinary miracle.

Reach out and reach within- whether you need help or you haven't gave reach for the future for that's something we've all got to live.

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