Friday, May 23, 2008

Could your life be seen as a Pandora's box?

After watching a Into the Wild with Jake tonight a lot of thoughts arose-

Is our daily life so consistent that we ourselves are afraid to steer away from the American dream push away the all mighty dollar and seek what is left to who we are within?
What are we really afraid of what is our true fear?
What is it that we fear so much that we would be willing to let go of all we have to seek a different lifestyle rather than confront it?

What do I see of my past? What do I hope for my future? Why do I think these things?

I challenge myself with these thoughts pondering the word of the day-

Pandora's Box- n: a prolific source of troubles.

After looking further into the word and reading the did you know I share this about the words:
According to Greek mythology, the problems brought by Pandora's box started with Prometheus. He was a Titan, one of the first Greek gods, and he stole the secret of fire from his fellow gods and shared it with mortal humans. To punish humans, the gods then created Pandora. Each god gave her a gift to make her appealing (her name comes from the Greek word meaning "all-gifted" or "all-giving"). The gods then sent her to the mortals with a box full of evils. Pandora's curiosity prompted her to open the box, and all those ills escaped to plague humanity.
Only hope remained to help humans bear their suffering.
(all information on Pandora's Box gathered from the word-a-day calendar)

Do you grasp a Pandora's Box?
A past clutch of uncertainty.

It makes me think about what I am and who I really am. What I am to myself but not to those around me. Could I give my all to really let go and would I let something from my past eat me up to the point I could not escape it until my death made me escape it?

I quote Christopher McCandless' writing into a book "Happiness only real when shared."

So I bring you the raw me the past and present and each chapter of life unfolded to share because what would life be if it was boxed for no one else to see?

I stay up an extra bit to write waiting for some pain to dull so I can sleep but I think greatly about my past how I miss it but how it is in general.

A thought on the past:
But that was still then and this is still now-
Nothing will ever change that...
What could have been will
and what is yet to be will
linger in the air yet to be breathed
For that was then and this is now!
A new adventure yet to unfold!
So live today as full as possible
because this is the only chance you'll get-
At living the present.
Written by: Victoria Wilcox

I post this not to challenge you but challenging myself making myself think digging deeper than what's on the surface searching for the answers of the unknown. Sharing to people who may never see the inside of the hospital the way I did- showing because that's what I can do. I can leave my print and I will not back down.

Although if you feel like it take this chance to think.

This one is for my Aunt Debbie a raw un-edited un-spell checked version of what goes through my mind maybe not an update maybe not anything at all just thoughts jotted down creating an entry.

My Spot-light:

Aunt Debbie-

My Aunt Debbie has continued to support me through each trial and tribulation and you can frequently find a comment under at least one of my posts a week! She has been there to write to the prayer chain she has been there to say hello and she is always dropping notes of encouragement to me in my inbox. In the most unexpected moments I will receive a little note pushing me to keep on going. She encourages my writing and encourages each thing I do with all she has no matter what despite everything she has in her own life she manages to come to my events and this year she has decided to come to the Lyme walk a huge step in my life instead of going to one of our pastors son's weddings. For some you may think she should be at the Lyme walk supporting her niece but she doesn't have to be- and the man who is getting married has been like a son to her so it was a very hard decision for her to make. I honor her for making this decision and her continued strength that she has. I am truly blessed!

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