Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Full of Firsts.

This Week is full of firsts!

I went went fishing for the first time in Physical Therapy today with a pathetic fishing pole and plastic fish. It was quite the venture.

This is the first full week I will be walking offically cane free.

My first time eating Thai food- I'm going out to dinner with Jake's birthday with his family.

My first time going to PROM!

It should be interesting!

I can't wait to post about each one! :)


Ashley Larimore.

Ashley has been a very faithful and kind friend throughout all of this we have been friends since she moved here in 5th grade although in Middle School we lost our ties in High School we started talking again and she's been an awesome person since Freshmen year. I can't thank her enough for how much she has stayed by my side and how much she joy's in each thing that happens in my life just as if she were experiencing it for herself. She really is a great friend and I am blessed to have her!


Anonymous said...

Victoria Great Job At the meeting. As you said always remember who we are doing the walk for in times of stress.


BJK said...

Hi Victoria,

Wow, you sure had alot of great firsts!

Its time for the ceremonial passing of the cane :) congratulations Victoria!

God is so faithful despite our many failings, Hes always there with arms open wide.

God Bless and Wow!


Anonymous said...


I am so pleased to hear you will be attending your prom tonight! I hope you see Mad there. I am sending you my wish for a wonderful night!!!

Mrs. F