Monday, May 12, 2008

Medical Monday

Well the wonderful Herxing has started in my body...

Upon starting antibiotics I have found that I sleep more and more each day and continue to want to sleep even when I have many other tasks that must be done. I am overwhelmed with the support I have through my friends and family as I continue to struggle with all that goes on.

For those of you who aren't familiar with what a herx is here is the best definition I could find-

The herxheimer reaction, nicknamed "herx" or otherwise referred to as Jarisch- Herxheimer (J-H) is a phenomena originally observed in the treatment of syphilis, but later found in other illness. In general terms, it is described as a temporary increase of symptoms when anti-syphilitic drugs (antibiotics) are administered. What is known or speculated about Lyme disease herxheimers are based heavily on the reactions seen in syphilis. This is due to the fact both diseases are caused by a bacteria known as a spirochete, the former being Treponema pallidum, the latter Borrelia burgdoferi (B.b). However the herxheimer reactions in Lyme disease are not identical to those seen in syphilis, especially in terms of timing, frequency and duration as noted below.

In Lyme disease it is thought that the cause of herxheimers are the result of endotoxin release, that is toxin(s) within the spirochete that are released as the B.b are killed or broken down. This may be a result of the toxin(s) itself or the body's immune response to such.

The past week has been very tough and it continues to be tough pain is a little more apparent and it's all just getting to be old. Sometimes I just want to scream out WHERE IS THE LIGHT?! I know it's out there it's just a matter of time.

On the lighter note I am walking cane free now 100% of the time although it's always within reach or close by for long trips and places we go... Just in case it needs to be used. Since inclines like stairs continue to be a battle for me and I continue to struggle with some things. Although I can praise the Lord that I can for the most part walk on my own all the time now. Which makes me extremely happy and those around me happy as well. It's almost funny to see the expressions people give you when they see you without some sort of walking device in tote!

My Spot-Light Person is someone who is long overdue-
There is a lady who lives kitty corner to us and is very generous and kind- She has a large heart towards not only her small child but towards my family and I as well. Her name is Brandy. Throughout my sickness she has continued to help me find a smile when I think there is no smile to be found, her daughter brought me over chocolates and a teddy bear during the winter months and now we have matching teddy bears! How cool is that?! She is a wonderful woman and has shown me so much through her grace and selflessness she displays towards me and others. She continues to push forward despite any obstacle their family faces and has shown me that anything can be overcome with time and patience. She's raising a beautiful daughter and amazes me each and every day. And as a faithful blog reader- she also brought me my favorite. Soft serve twist with rainbow sprinkles! What a smile I had on my face when I heard I got a yummy treat. It was quite a surprise to wake up to from taking a nap. :) Thank you for being such a wonderful neighbor Brandy.

With Love,


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