Monday, November 24, 2008

The day

Today I give even more thanks. I guess I can't really find much bad in life these days, yeah it can get me down- actually today I met with the surgeon and I didn't care for him much at all but I figure it's best to just get it done and over with. It will be two days before my SAT and I have plans that weekend. I have to have an endoscope done and a colonoscopy. I am a little nervous I am not going to lie, but yeah not going to worry too much.

Life has been with it's ups and downs and I think it's time to just give thanks. I have had so many surprises and so many things that just awaited me around the corner. I am now up to around 8 Christian CD's! Which is awesome and I spent last night with an awesome group of people. I continue to be blessed and there is this awesome artist, I guess I didn't mention her last night but if you're looking for a fun Christian artist- I would suggest her the music is kind of mellow but she's really neat, and awesome at playing the piano. Her name you ask? Katie Nelson. She is awesome and she preformed with Scott Troyer who was also pretty good.

Today I am most thankful for kind doctors with bedside manner, no you guys aren't forgotten or ignored.

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