Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sing, Sing, Sing!

I am feeling a little better today still not myself really, I don't understand what is going on lately but I feel happy about some things like my friends. I am really blessed to have such wonderful and compassionate friends. Although sometimes my "normal" friends seem to have a hard time understanding how to be compassionate they have all been so good to me. I am really thankful that I have a decent support system through my church especially without the people from my church I don't feel like I would be able to keep much faith in God. They have encouraged me in days when I had doubt and I have really began to seek faith for myself now.

I would just like to spot-light a blogger today:
Kimber it's rare that people actually show themselves while reading my blog, people I don't know anyways. Really, this is for my family so anyone else who finds encouragement by this is just a lucky person I guess. But she has put me on her blog-roll and I have felt honored I began reading her blog and she is quite an avid blogger, she puts me to shame that's for sure. But she has a kind heart and she has really just made me realize that my blog may be one in a million out there but it's out there and impacting people. She's a wonderful mother, and I think her son would agree! Thanks Kimber.

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Kimber said...

Thank you very much for writing about me in your post, you are a very sweet young lady. I feel honored to have met you even if it is only through the blogosphere. I have had some of the ladies at my hospital mentioning to me this week that they are reading your blog, so know that you are impacting more than just me here in Indiana. Don't feel bad if they don't comment on your posts, they don't comment on mine either, but I know they love me anyway. Teeheehee. Have a great weekend.