Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where did normal go?

A tear falls from my eye and my heart feels so broken.
I don't understand this great big plan God- I don't understand what you have in store for me. I know you are there I know that you care... But today I just don't understand.

Excuse this post as I vent-
Seems as though life comes at you like crashing waves there are small ones hitting your ankles crashing against your legs. You can feel them but they hit you and the sand slowly gets pulled away from underneath your feet. Without noticing your feet are slowly becoming more and more unstable with these little waves here and there. Then after a long time of little ripple waves a bigger wave comes and crashes into your legs it hits and knocks you a bit and you almost lose your balance but all of a sudden you realize that your foundation is weakened. Although you have sat so long noticing nothing now something bigger comes along and you notice your foundation weak. Another wave comes crashing into you this time knocking you over. You lay upon the ground. You sit there letting the waves devour you.

Today I feel alone I feel helpless in a hopeful world- I do not have sight of the future or God's plan. I know it is there I know it is large. Some say it is so large that if he were to tell it to me today I would deem it impossible. I lay in bed and wonder... God I have given you my all why do the waves still crash? Why do painful jabs still strike? Who will be the first to drop their stone?

Spot-light people have been absent lately and I feel today I need to put a few in my entry:

Pastor Tony- He is our youth pastor and it may seem cliché to put people you would expect like a pastor or a parent an aunt or an uncle in as a spot-light person. But Pastor Tony has amazed me he works hard at his job and touching the youth. He has been there for my family so many times and he has known when I need prayer. In fact it seems as though he is constantly offering prayer and love to me and so many others. He is really an awesome youth pastor and I know for a fact God is doing great things through him for me.

Betsy Wipfler- Betsy is a beautiful girl she has a good taste in music. She was one of the first friends I had in high school. My freshman year she was the girl who carried my books while I was on crutches. She was a source of encouragement for me and although our paths have parted she is a wonderful person and she has left an impact on my life that I will not forget.

Jess Piranio- She is my small group leader she always tells us girls that she loves us so much and that she cares about us. She tells us to feel free to call her any time and I guess it's hard to believe that when the whole world is walking out but she has shown that to be true. I have grown to love having her in my life these past few months and I feel more connected to her than ever. She seems to be able to connect with me to share moments to understand and help me cope. She is a wonderful person and I am amazed by her love and compassion towards our small group as a whole. She has such a wonderful personality and love for God she is realistic but she is not pessimistic. She is lovely and I can only say that some day I hope to have an impact in the life of girls just as she has had on mine.

Have a wonderful day- hopefully walking will be back soon.


Joanna Goddard said...

thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog today. you are so sweet. i'm so happy we're blog connected :)

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you Victoria