Thursday, November 6, 2008

If the world grows don't stop growing

Okay so if you were laying looking at this you would be inspired to get out of bed too. Not to say that I don't have a pretty rad room and that I don't love it because well lets be honest here I do. But sitting in bed is lame and I needed to get my groove on. So this morning I stood. It's weak it's pathetic but it's standing nonetheless.

So my mother called me this morning which is really almost afternoon and was wondering how her sickly child might be doing on this drab but beautiful day. I said I was doing good and then she did some arguing or something of that nature about eating. My stomach aches, my head hurts, but I can stand so the day is good. I inquired about going to school tomorrow although it would be with my wheelchair it would be nice to attend school. I have protested getting a wheelchair pusher so we'll see where my mom makes it with that situation. Otherwise I will wait until I am a bit stronger yet and can go without it. Which will be longer and longer without school and longer of missing class which would be lame. Costing the school lots of tax dollars for silly tutors because of course I am taking an ACE class so I would need a smart tutor not just one that can slip under some door crack. Yes, this much is true. So they really might have to break down to my request of no wheelchair pusher since my doctor has okay-ed the situation.

Now I have decided I would like to get some work done perhaps some art and then reality will hit with some bonding time with my economics book.

Don't let the world grow around you but grow with the world.

So I shall not sit here any longer I have to catch up with my sick day yesterday. I am constantly reminded God has big plans and that he does. I am still kind of noise sensitive so-
please use indoor voices.

A cheerful Victoria

Lights, Camera, Action!

My people of note:

Mrs. Malloy: Well if I could say there was just one art teacher that has really been wonderful to me it would be Mrs. Malloy. She can almost sense me being ill and she has kept up with me and encouraged me on down days. When her family has a billion other things going on she still has the courage to keep up with me and help me out in any way she can. I have been so inspired by her art work and what she does. She is such a wonderful art teacher and she was the first art teacher to open her room to me when I realized I would have an activity for the first time the whole time I was in high school. She is a wonderful woman and I am so thankful she is in my life.

Mr. Hart: Mr. Hart was my art teacher my freshman year. He had my sister as a student while she was in school and he is probably one of the most unique people you could meet. Although I have noticed his personality might ware off onto other people. He is the biggest critic you may ever meet but behind his mask he shows compassion towards his students. Although sometimes he frustrates me, he has shown his genuine compassion towards me through making sure I am safe in where I eat my lunch and he is always trying to keep up to date with how I am feeling. He is also a very talented artist and has many of his paintings at the West End Gallery.

Mrs. Harrington: Well, Mrs. Harrington is a bright woman and she adds color to a room when she walks into it. If I were to describe a personality with watercolor hers would be the most fun to put together. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor to her students. Although sometimes it seems she is much to nice to her students she has shown genuine compassion and love towards her students. I have been blessed to be in her class and this year I am so excited to be learning about many different mediums in art.

Mrs.Palumbo: I have never had her as an art teacher but she is a sweet person she has been kind to me upon coming into the art rooms for lunch and she offers words of advice when I bring in my photos for my portfolio. She is very creative and a kind woman.

I guess the biggest thing about these four people is they have instilled change and compassion into the lives of the kids in the art department and I am so thankful to have them in my life.


Jake B. said...

Victoria I'm glad to hear that things are looking up! Your update pretty much made my day :) and I'm missing the art department back in good ol' Horseheads. Have a wonderful productive day!!!


Kimber said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you even more for the comment. I love getting them, don't you? I added a link to your site to my blogroll so others can read your story as well. I work in a hospital and many of my nurse friends have blogs also, they are listed under "Peeps I Love". Many of them click on the blogs in my list to read about others like you do.

PS. Most, if not all of them are Christians and will pray as will I for your health, or at least for the ease of your pain.

God Bless.