Friday, November 7, 2008

Still standing- small steps

I am still standing taking a few small steps. Life isn't as I would wish and you know, one of my things that is really bothering me right now- is that my room is messy. It's not too messy just messy enough that there isn't a lot of space to put things there are items being stacked up on my bedside table and my desk. I just don't know about this clutter. Although it's hard to maneuver balance and cleaning. So I guess clutter can rise until I am up and ready to clean.

To be honest my favorite season of all is coming up. I love holidays but most of all I love giving gifts. I love coming up with unique ideas to give a special gift to someone who has touched my life. I don't see Christmas as a time of receiving but a time of giving to others. There is no better feeling than seeing them light up their faces. I guess to be honest I just love any day where I can give someone something that brightens their day. It doesn't even have to be Christmas.

Today my friend and I were talking about things we would like for Christmas but would never ask for and I said I didn't really know... I said I don't really like to ask for anything anymore but we pondered our favorite stores like for me I have grown to love Etsy, and Delias and different places like that. I like things to be unique and different. She was a little more classic with Amazon and her desire for little things like that. I really don't expect much for Christmas this year I told her but I think this year I am going to put time into some very nice handmade gifts and I want it to be the biggest year I have ever given. I want to make lots of things for lots of people. :) I am excited.

So today that is my encouragement. Thinking of happy people with cool gifts for Christmas this year. I guess since I have been down and out and today really kind of sad just bummed about how things are turning out and how I haven't really been feeling good. I feel like the pain really never does stop sometimes all I want to do is cry but instead I laugh. Today I changed the song that plays on the website if you have a moment listen to it because that's how I feel today.


Vaughn VanSkiver- Okay so he might be random to some because to be honest he hasn't been in touch with me as much as so many others but for some reason he always is brought to me in my memories. He is the worship arts pastor at our church and he always has a great sense of humor. I can sometimes find myself laughing about something he did years ago laying in bed years later. I am so blessed that he has been in my life and he has honestly just really touched my life. I guess I just can't explain it but I would like to say thank you to him.

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