Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Venting. Where are ethics?

I might only be seventeen but it seems like the ethics, moral code, and everything else in this country are going down hill.

If you do something good should it not be returned with thanks? In my childhood and even now- if I receive a gift I am to respond with a thank you card. In hand, it's not something you expect- when you get something in return. Yet it should be understood and human nature. Something as simple as a thank you card, a smile, or a hug can really make or break a transaction.

But wait- our nation might not even allow that because we can suspend for showing of affection such as giving a hug to a classmate or friend.

Is it that we as people or businessmen or women that we do not see thanking as crucial as paying the bill? Is it that we the people are blind to these acts of kindness that have been set upon us? Not everyone has to be nice, you could have nothing and there could be no support and you could sit alone- yet you find that people are nice. So to encourage them to do something again, or perhaps show that you were grateful for them putting in many hours or maybe a few moments for you to return with a thanks. Either hand written or verbal.

Do people still teach their children the manners? What happened to shows encouraging things such as say please for a cookie or thank you for having me after staying at someones home. Maybe we are blind to these habits that are being lost because we're so caught up in things such as same sex marriage, discrimination, war, stem-cell research, political correction, and AIDs in other countries.

To raise a true nation shouldn't habits of kindness, honesty, and gratitude, be brought up in the home? I think the reality of the nation spoke in this last election, we're not being racist when we elect our first African- American President. Are we raising our generations to be selfish or are we raising them to think of others?

We have become a nation that must show statistics to prove a point or have a test shown. We have went from doctors of which don't do house calls to now doctors who don't listen to their patients symptoms, await numerous test results and then upon that close doors when things "appear to be normal" then the same patient can come back a year later for an annual check-up with too much damage to be done to be corrected.

If there is no excuse for abortion- is there any excuse for ignorance, ruthless actions, or being inconsiderate? What let us become a nation that has to learn from kids and their wonderment. Maybe instead of looking across the globe we should look to our neighbor instead of relying on the all mighty dollar for our kindness, offering a hand to help fix a car, or change a tire.

We are raising our own demons when we don't show gratitude and instead we give attitude. The nicest person can be torn down if day in and day out no one turns to fill their cup.