Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today I want to express my thankfulness for my legs and my strength that is forever growing in them. I am working hard to get them working and it seems as though sometimes they are hardly working. Today has been my best day since last Monday and hopefully there will continue to be improvement.

Last night my LLMD called and he wants us to get a scope done of my stomach ASAP. Today my PCP's office was closed so in the future that will be done. I am still experiencing nausea and weakness and everything else. So who knows what the future days will hold and what is really to come. God is greater than all of this and he will continue to sustain me. I am finishing my Christmas shopping up now... That's right. Finishing up my Christmas shopping! I have been getting it done over the course of this past year and I am just happy to have it pretty much done and I am excited to give the gifts. I love this holiday because I can give to others and just see their expressions. It's wonderful.

So now I am off to do homework. I have decided it's a slow recovery but it will be strong. :)

Check back tomorrow for another day of thanks.

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Kimber said...

Wow, you're finishing up your shopping already? I've only purchased one gift so far. Hopefully will go out in a couple of weeks to do it all.

Thanks for the comment about my little guy. He is the sweetest little boy (most of the time). And definitely a mommy's boy.