Friday, November 14, 2008

Thankful for Hope

Today I couldn't decide what to narrow my thanks down to, you know you are really blessed when there is enough good to not be able to choose! I am so thankful today, of hope and all it has for me all of the things it offers and the people it provides. I am thankful every day for the people I consider my "hope" and the God who provides it. I have a lack of words today as I think of all that I have had provided to me and what I am going to busy myself with in the upcoming year.

There is another thing that rings true to me and that is school. I am very thankful for school and my school in particular, even though sometimes I argue with people or I get frustrated with who I am dealing with I am thankful I have a school system which provides enough schooling for everyone in a township, and can even provide college for free through the high school for quite a few classes. I am thankful that we have this freedom because in so many other countries this freedom is stripped from the people who live there. I guess without an education we wouldn't really be able to communicate or hope because we really wouldn't know what was going on. Perhaps we would be as defenseless as the next person- I am not really sure because for as long as I can remember here in the U.S. we have had some sort of requirement for school. Whether seasonal for some or all year around we had school. I guess I am really thankful for that. Sometimes I can't go and I do miss it like crazy, you meet people you learn how to work with others apply teamwork skills and it really does prepare you for the real world.

So I guess going to school really is a blessing.

I ask- what are you thankful for?

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