Monday, November 10, 2008


Sometimes you never know what might be in store, other times you make an educated guess of the exact possibilities; just to realize that it's not really how you expected it to be. Well I have done that many times sometimes to be disappointed, sometimes to be surprised. I just am amazed at how even though you think you have everything all together you- even if deep inside you know that there is something still pulling at a heart string, God wakes you up and makes you realize you still haven't done everything to his complete and full glory.

This isn't about me, but this is about him. Our God and how amazing he is. He has changed who I am and last night we had Leeland come out to our church. I was nervous about even going- staying the whole night. What was to happen rocked my world and will be a day I never forget. Even if everything else doesn't pan out exactly how I am expecting it to, I know that God is taking care of things he is our ultimate provider, our Abba, our daddy. The beggining and the end. I cannot be serving a greater God and I guess now, I really don't believe in conisdence. Everything really does happen for one reason or another, even if I really don't get it. He will be ahead of me every step I go. I can only be amazed at how my friends at church have changed my life even more-so. Really, I am just amazed.

The title says it all. I guess, if you don't get this- maybe you weren't meant to. If you do, you might have been there, and if you were- thank you.

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